Eutrichodesmus trontelji sp. n., ♂ non-type from Shui Jiang Dong; A, D, H anterior part of body, lateral, dorsal and ventral views, respectively; B, E, I, midbody segments, lateral, dorsal and ventral views, respectively C, F, G, J posterior part of body, lateral, dorsal, caudal and ventral views, respectively K cross-section of a midbody segment, caudal view L-P limbus, prozonite texture and tergal setae, dorsal views Q both gonopods in situ, ventral view R right gonopod, mesal view S distal half of right gonopod, mesal view. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (E, I), 0.2 mm (A–D, F, H, K), 0.1 mm (G, J, Q, R), 0.05 mm (P, S), 0.02 mm (L–N), 0.005 mm (O).

  Part of: Golovatch SI, Geoffroy J-J, Mauriès J-P, VandenSpiegel D (2015) Review of the millipede genus Eutrichodesmus Silvestri, 1910, in China, with descriptions of new cavernicolous species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Haplodesmidae). ZooKeys 505: 1-34.