Caissa spp., adults: 1 C. yunnana sp. nov., male, holotype 2 C. caissa Hering, 1931, male, holotype (after Solovyev and Saldaitis 2014); male genitalia: 3 C. yunnana sp. nov., holotype 4 C. caissa Hering, 1931, holotype (after Solovyev and Saldaitis 2014). Scale bars: 1 mm. (BP: basal patch; IP: inner patch; ML: medial line; OS: orbicular spot; PL: postmedial line; SL: subterminal line; TA: terminal area).

  Part of: Wu J, Wu C-S, Han H-L (2020) A new species of the genus Caissa Hering, 1931 from Yunnan, China (Lepidoptera, Limacodidae). ZooKeys 951: 83-89.