The Angled Australian barkhopper, Paraselina brunneri (= P. multifora syn. nov.). A, B, D a female from Upper Orara (Nick Lambert) C a female from Lansdowne forest (Reiner Richter) E a male from Mt. Glorious (Griffin Chong) F individual from Mt. Mellum (Ian McMaster).

  Part of: Skejo J, Connors M, Hendriksen M, Lambert N, Chong G, McMaster I, Monaghan N, Rentz D, Richter R, Rose K, Franjević D (2020) Online social media tells a story of Anaselina, Paraselina, and Selivinga (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae), rare Australian pygmy grasshoppers. ZooKeys 948: 107-119.