Updated distribution map of the Australian pygmy grasshoppers – Anaselina minor, Paraselina brunneri, P. trituberculata, and Selivinga tribulata. Each species is represented by its unique symbol, the silhouette of the species pronotum. The small map of Australia shows two regions inhabited by the barkhoppers.

  Part of: Skejo J, Connors M, Hendriksen M, Lambert N, Chong G, McMaster I, Monaghan N, Rentz D, Richter R, Rose K, Franjević D (2020) Online social media tells a story of Anaselina, Paraselina, and Selivinga (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae), rare Australian pygmy grasshoppers. ZooKeys 948: 107-119. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.948.52910