Digestive system, dorsal view, Peronia peronii, type specimens. The arrow indicates the orientation of the transitional loop A paralectotype, Onchidium peronii, Timor (MNHN-IM-2000-22938) B lectotype, Onchidium tonganum, Tonga (MNHN-IM-2000-22937) C lectotype, Onchidium punctatum, Indonesia, West Papua (MNHN-IM-2000-22966) D possible paralectotype, Paraperonia gondwanae, Mauritius (MNHN-IM-2000-33686) E lectotype, Paraperonia fidjiensis, Fiji (MNHN-IM-2000-33692). Scale bars: 5 mm (A, D), 10 mm (B, C, E). Abbreviations: ddg dorsal digestive gland, i intestine, pdg posterior digestive gland, st stomach.

  Part of: Dayrat B, Goulding TC, Apte D, Aslam S, Bourke A, Comendador J, Khalil M, NgĂ´ XQ, Tan SK, Tan SH (2020) Systematic revision of the genus Peronia Fleming, 1822 (Gastropoda, Euthyneura, Pulmonata, Onchidiidae). ZooKeys 972: 1-224. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.972.52853