Fifth sternites of Gymnocheta spp. males A Gymnocheta lucida male abdomen. Note the narrow profile of the posterior edge of the fifth sternite (arrow) B the edge of the fifth sternite in G. viridis is bulky and protruding beyond the tip of the abdomen, clearly recognisable from the side C the posterolateral lobe of G. zhelochovtsevi is somewhat subrectangular as in G. magna, but more rounded in profile. Note the apical hook of the syncercus D in contrast to G. zhelochovtsevi, posterior edge of fifth sternite in G. porphyrophora with well-developed median lobes (arrow) E dissected fifth sternites of Nordic Gymnocheta spp. in comparison: i) G. lucida, ii) G. magna, iii) G. viridis and iv) G. zhelochovtsevi. A distinct dorsomedial process present in G. magna and G. viridis Abbreviations: bpl–basal plate; dmp–dorsomedial process; mcl–median cleft; pll–posterolateral lobe; tms–transversal median stripe; wll–wart-like lobe (or median lobe). Photograph D by V. Neimorovets, rest by J. Pohjoismäki.

  Part of: Pohjoismäki J, Bergström C (2021) Review of the Nordic Gymnocheta Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera, Tachinidae) with report of two species new to Europe. ZooKeys 1053: 145-184.