Dorsal pronotal types. Type 0, Heteroborips seriatus; type 1 rounded, Cnestus gravidus; type 2 basic and parallel-sided, Amasa gibbosa; type 3 subquadrate with anterolateral corners slightly prominent, Cyclorhipidion amasoides; type 4 quadrate with anterolateral corners conspicuous and sides almost parallel, Euwallacea destruens; type 5 conical and elongate, Leptoxyleborus sordicauda; type 6 strongly conical, Anisandrus cryphaloides; type 7 rounded frontally and long, Tricosa cattienensis; type 8 elongate and subquadrate or quadrate, Euwallacea piceus; type 9 long and rounded frontally, Debus amphicranoides; type a long and quadrate frontally, Webbia duodecimspinata; type c conspicuously elongate and quadrate frontally, Streptocranus bicuspis. Drawings modified from Hulcr et al. 2007.

  Part of: Smith SM, Beaver RA, Cognato AI (2020) A monograph of the Xyleborini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae) of the Indochinese Peninsula (except Malaysia) and China. ZooKeys 983: 1-442.