Neighbor-joining (NJ) tree inferred using the Neighbor-Joining method (Saitou and Nei 1987) from COI barcode sequence data for specimens for which > 500 base pairs recovered. The optimal tree with the sum of branch length = 1.2731 is shown. 1000 bootstrap replicates were conducted and their scores are shown next to branches. Only bootstrap scores greater than 70% are shown. Distances were computed using the Maximum Composite Likelihood (MCL) method (Tamura et al. 2004) and are in the units of the number of base substitutions per site. Analysis conducted in MEGA X (Kumar et al. 2018). BOLD process IDs and identifications are given at branch tips. Voucher specimen data and a pairwise distance matrix are given in Suppl. material 1.

  Part of: Austin KA, Dombroskie JJ (2020) A taxonomic revision of the Archipini of the Caribbean (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Tortricinae). ZooKeys 982: 33-147.