Claduncaria mesosignaria group adults. A Cla. mesosignaria holotype ♀, Dominican Republic (CMNH) B Cla. mesosignaria ♂ (holotype of Argyrotaenia thamaluncus syn. nov.), Dominican Republic (CMNH) C Cla. minisignaria holotype ♀, Dominican Republic (CMNH) D Cla. minisignaria ♂, Dominican Republic (CMNH) E Cla. chalarostium comb. nov., stat. nov. holotype ♀ (erroneously affixed with Argyrotaenia jamaicana paratype label), Jamaica (CMNH) F Cla. rufochlaena holotype ♂, Jamaica (CMNH) G Cla. taino sp. nov. holotype ♂, Dominican Republic (CMNH).

  Part of: Austin KA, Dombroskie JJ (2020) A taxonomic revision of the Archipini of the Caribbean (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Tortricinae). ZooKeys 982: 33-147.