Pseudosinella altamirensis sp. nov. A proximal half of Ant IV B detail of Ant IV showing normal chaetae and different types of sensilla: leaf shaped, smooth, with small cilia C detail at high magnification of the small sensilla narrowed at tip found on Ant II–IV D two leaf-shaped sensilla on Ant IV E labium and labral palps F maxillae. Scale bars: 0.02 mm (A, E); 0.007 mm (B); 0.002 mm (C); 0.006 mm (D); 0.009 mm (F).

  Part of: Baquero E, Jordana R, Labrada L, Luque CG (2020) A new species of Pseudosinella Schäffer, 1897 (Collembola, Entomobryidae) from Altamira Caves (Cantabria, Spain). ZooKeys 989: 39-54.