Multiple Level Episaturation: Formation of multiple levels (floors) of perched aquifers on permeable carbonates with subhorizontal beds and with periodical inclusion of impermeable beds. The levels of episaturation can have no or just minimal water communication, which can lead in a development of isolated stygobiont ecosystems in each level. Similar geology can be found in carbonates framing the southwestern Caucasus. Springs are frequently emerging high on hillslopes or near the middle of the cliff through caves and waterfalls.

  Part of: Grego J, Mumladze L, Falniowski A, Osikowski A, Rysiewska A, Palatov DM, Hofman S (2020) Revealing the stygobiotic and crenobiotic molluscan biodiversity hotspot in Caucasus: Part I. The phylogeny of stygobiotic Sadlerianinae Szarowska, 2006 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Hydrobiidae) from Georgia with descriptions of five new genera and twenty-one new species. ZooKeys 955: 1-77.