Equivalence and similarity tests in environmental space for E. a. affinis and E. a. godmani. A PCA of Ecological niche for of E. affinis lineages and the variables contribution to the analyses. The gray gradient indicates the density of the occurrences of the lineages, and the dashed and solid line indicates the 50% and 100% of the environmental background B graphical results of the equivalency tests comparing the two lineages. For both tests (equivalence and similarity) we only presented values for the D metrics. For all graphs the D observed values of the overlap niche analyses are present with the black diamond. The p value is showing in each graphic, all of them not significant for these analyses C graphical results of the similarity test comparing the two lineages in both directions (E. a. affinis vs. E. a. godmani and vice versa), ns = Not significant, p > 0.05.

  Part of: Vázquez-López M, Morrone JJ, Ramírez-Barrera SM, López-López A, Robles-Bello SM, Hernández-Baños BE (2020) Multilocus, phenotypic, behavioral, and ecological niche analyses provide evidence for two species within Euphonia affinis (Aves, Fringillidae). ZooKeys 952: 129-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.952.51785