Ultrametric phylogenetic tree obtained by BEAST using ND2, ODC, and GAPDH concatenated matrix. The rhombus node represents the calibration point 17.1104 My with a 95% HPD of (14.7743, 19.6278) (see methods), dark gray circle node represents the E. affinis origin and light gray circle node represents the break between E. a. godmani and E. a. affinis. Above the branch the diversification dates (My) and in brackets the 95% HPD. Below branch the number indicated the posterior probability. The green area corresponds to the period when lowland dry forests had a greater expansion in Western Mexico.

  Part of: Vázquez-López M, Morrone JJ, Ramírez-Barrera SM, López-López A, Robles-Bello SM, Hernández-Baños BE (2020) Multilocus, phenotypic, behavioral, and ecological niche analyses provide evidence for two species within Euphonia affinis (Aves, Fringillidae). ZooKeys 952: 129-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.952.51785