A Allopeas gracile (Hutton, 1834) B Lissachatina fulica (Bowdich, 1822) C Haploptychius sp. D Dyakia sp. and E, F Quantula weinkauffiana (Crosse & Fischer, 1863) with E angular last whorl and F rounded last whorl.

  Part of: Sutcharit C, Thach P, Chhuoy S, Ngor PB, Jeratthitikul E, Siriwut W, Srisonchai R, Ng TH, Pholyotha A, Jirapatrasilp P, Panha S (2020) Annotated checklist of the land snail fauna from southern Cambodia (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 948: 1-46. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.948.51671