Morphological variation among Hypselostoma cambodjense Benthem Jutting, 1962 populations A from locality no. 9 (topotype) B from locality no. 11 and C from locality no. 17. The insets show the apertural dentition. Abbreviation: p, parietal lamella; upl, upper palatal lamella; lpl, lower palatal lamella; c, columellar lamella.

  Part of: Sutcharit C, Thach P, Chhuoy S, Ngor PB, Jeratthitikul E, Siriwut W, Srisonchai R, Ng TH, Pholyotha A, Jirapatrasilp P, Panha S (2020) Annotated checklist of the land snail fauna from southern Cambodia (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 948: 1-46.