Photos of syntype male and female of Rhacocleis buchichii by Naskrecki, taken from OSF (Cigliano et al. 2019) (A–D) drawings from Harz (1969) (E–I) and details of specimens from Croatia, Hvar Is., near Pitve and Vrisnik, 13 Aug. 1996 (collection NBC) (J–L) (photos Luc Willemse, NBC) A male syntype and its label B pronotum and tegmina of the male in dorsal view C female syntype and its label D cerci and 10th tergite of the male E subgenital plate of a female F titillators G 10th tergite of a male H ovipositor I right cercus of a male J titillators lateral view K titillators caudal/posterior view L subgenital plate of a female. Scale bars: 5 mm (A–D, L); 1 mm (J, K). Drawings not to scale.

  Part of: Felix R, Heller K-G, Odé B, Rebrina F, Skejo J (2020) Island mysteries in the spotlight: Barbitistes kaltenbachi and Rhacocleis buchichii, the only bush-cricket species endemic to Croatia (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae). ZooKeys 936: 25-60.