Proportion of genera represented in the Farasan Archipelago, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by one (1), two (2), and three or more (> 3) species in Coleoptera (current data), Formicidae (based on Sharaf and Al-Zailaie 2006), mammals and herpetofauna (based on Masseti 2010, 2014), birds (based on Jennings 1988), and vascular plants (based on Alfarhan et al. 2002).

  Part of: Abdel-Dayem MS, Abu El-Ghiet UM, Elsheikh TM, Elgharbawy AA, Al-Fifi ZIA, Aldhafer HM (2020) The first survey of the beetles (Coleoptera) of the Farasan Archipelago of the southern Red Sea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ZooKeys 959: 17-86.