Alboculus zhejiangensis (Song & Kim, 1991) comb. nov., female A habitus, dorsal view, black arrows show the light-coloured, oval posterior median eyes B same, ventral view C epigyne, ventral view D same, dorsal view, black arrow shows the detail of spermathecal tail. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A, B), 0.1 mm (C, D). Abbreviations: B – bursa, CD – copulatory duct, CO – copulatory opening, CT – connecting tube, FD – fertilisation ducts, GA – glandular appendage, SP – spermathecae.

  Part of: Liu K-K, Luo H-P, Ying Y-H, Xiao Y-X, Xu X, Xiao Y-H (2020) A survey of Phrurolithidae spiders from Jinggang Mountain National Nature Reserve, Jiangxi Province, China. ZooKeys 947: 1-37.