Geographic distribution records for snakes of the Pernambuco Endemism Center (PEC). A Hydrodynastes gigas and Lygophis dilepis B Imantodes cenchoa and Leptodeira annulata C Oxyrhopus guibei and O. petolarius D O. trigeminus E Philodryas nattereri, P. olfersii and P. patagoniensis F Phimophis guerini and Pseudoboa nigra G Psomophis joberti, Sibon nebulatus and Siphlophis compressus H Taeniophallus affinis and T. occipitalis I Thamnodynastes almae, T. hypoconia, T. pallidus and T. phoenix.

  Part of: França RC, Morais M, França FGR, Rödder D, Solé M (2020) Snakes of the Pernambuco Endemism Center, Brazil: diversity, natural history and conservation. ZooKeys 1002: 115-158.