Comparative reproductive anatomy of A Auriculella auricula BPBM 119141 B Auriculella minuta BPBM 99146 C Auriculella perpusilla BPBM 93626 D Auriculella perversa BPBM 97904 E Auriculella tenella BPBM 211034 F Auriculella gagneorum sp. nov. paratype BPBM 285800. Abbreviatons for reproductive structures are: AG = albumen gland; AP = penial appendix; BC = bursa copulatrix; EP = epiphallus; GP = gonopore; P = penis; OV = free oviduct; PG = prostate gland; PR = penial retractor muscle; UT = uterus; VD = vas deferens. Scale bar: 1mm.

  Part of: Yeung NW, Slapcinsky J, Strong EE, Kim JR, Hayes KA (2020) Overlooked but not forgotten: the first new extant species of Hawaiian land snail described in 60 years, Auriculella gagneorum sp. nov. (Achatinellidae, Auriculellinae). ZooKeys 950: 1-31.