Comparative shell morphology of A Auriculella auricula neotype BPBM 18709 B Auriculella auricula shell variation (left to right) BPBM 12651, BPBM 12666 C Auriculella minuta lectotype BPBM 42377 D Auriculella minuta shell variation (left to right) BPBM12804, paralectotype MCZ 73037 E Auriculella perpusilla holotype MCZ 39912 F Auriculella perpusilla (left to right) BPBM 285806, BPBM 134341 (2 spm), BPBM 134280 white one, BPBM 122643, BPBM 13443 G Auriculella perversa lectotype BPBM 42384, 3 shells H Auriculella perversa shell variation (left to right) paralectotype ANSP 91817 I Auriculella tenella lectotype BPBM 18943 J Auriculella tenella shell variation paralectotype BPBM 109679 K Auriculella gagneorum sp. nov. holotype (BPBM 285843) and L Auriculella gagneorum sp. nov. paratypes, left to right (BPBM 285797, 285794, 285795, 285798). Scale bar: 5 mm.

  Part of: Yeung NW, Slapcinsky J, Strong EE, Kim JR, Hayes KA (2020) Overlooked but not forgotten: the first new extant species of Hawaiian land snail described in 60 years, Auriculella gagneorum sp. nov. (Achatinellidae, Auriculellinae). ZooKeys 950: 1-31.