Male and female genital anatomy of Songthela huangyang sp. nov. A, D palp prolateral view B, E palp ventral view C, F palp retrolateral view G palp distal view H–J vulva dorsal view K–M vulva ventral view A–C XUX–2018–081 (holotype) D–G XUX–2018–083 H, K XUX–2018–059 I, L XUX–2018–080 J, M XUX–2018–082. Scale bars: 0.3 mm (A–M).

  Part of: Li DQ, Liu FX, Li D, Xu X (2020) Two new species of the primitively segmented spider genus Songthela from Hunan Province, China (Mesothelae, Liphistiidae). ZooKeys 937: 1-19.