Example of UUIDs embedded within QR-Codes on microcentrifuge tube labels. The 5 mm × 5 mm QR-Codes (Version 2) are printed with a standard laser printer on sheets of self-adhesive 9 mm dots, and scan reliably with a standard barcode reader, while still providing room for a human-readable 5-character prefix + 5-digit number (the human-readable number and UUID are permanently cross-linked in the data management system). Photo: Robert K. Whitton.

  Part of: Guralnick RP, Cellinese N, Deck J, Pyle RL, Kunze J, Penev L, Walls R, Hagedorn G, Agosti D, Wieczorek J, Catapano T, Page EDM (2015) Community Next Steps for Making Globally Unique Identifiers Work for Biocollections Data. ZooKeys 494: 133-154. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.494.9352