A–B Genitalia of A. (Syndromus) globonevilli Sutcharit and Panha, sp. n. showing the reproductive system and interior structures of the penis and vaginal chamber C–D Genitalia of A. (Syndromus) principalis Sutcharit and Panha, sp. n. showing the general characteristics of the genital system and the interior structures of the penis, atrium and vagina chamber. Anatomical abbreviations are as described in Sutcharit and Panha (2006a, b, 2011): ag, albumin gland; ap, appendix; at, atrium; e, epiphallus; fl, flagellum; fo, free oviduct; gd, gametolytic duct; gs, gametolytic sac; hd, hermaphroditic duct; hg, hermaphroditic gland; o, oviduct; p, penis; pp, penial pilaster; pm, penial retractor muscle; pv, penial verge; v, vagina; vd, vas deferens; vp, vaginal pilaster.

  Part of: Sutcharit C, Ablett J, Tongkerd P, Naggs F, Panha S (2015) Illustrated type catalogue of Amphidromus Albers, 1850 in the Natural History Museum, London, and descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 492: 49-105. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.492.8641