Type specimens of Amphidromus spp. A Lectotype of A. adamsii subunicolor B Lectotype of A. sumbaensis C Lectotype of A. adamsii superba D Possible syntype of A. theobaldianus E Paralectotype of A. smithi ventrosulus F–G A. versicolor F lectotype and G paralectotype H–I A. sinensis vicaria H lectotype and I paralectotype J Holotype of A. webbi K Lectotype of A. zebrinus.

  Part of: Sutcharit C, Ablett J, Tongkerd P, Naggs F, Panha S (2015) Illustrated type catalogue of Amphidromus Albers, 1850 in the Natural History Museum, London, and descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 492: 49-105. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.492.8641