Schematic diagram of armatures on left leg 5 of male Pogonura rugosa gen. et sp. nov. Cx: coxa (with dots), Bs: basis (dark gray), En: endopod (black), Ex1: proximal segment of exopod (light gray), Ex2: distal segment of exopod (white), pp1: proximal posterior plate, pp2: distal posterior plate, lp: lateral plate, ls1: proximal lateral spinule, ls2: distal lateral spinule, ap1: proximal anterior plate, ap2: distal anterior plate, ms: medial spinules, tp: terminal plate.

  Part of: Komeda S, Ohtsuka S (2020) New genus and species of calanoid copepods (Crustacea) belonging to the group of Bradfordian families collected from the hyperbenthic layers off Japan. ZooKeys 951: 21-35.