Body of species from different genera of Languriinae that may imitate genus Paederus. A Anadastus ornatus Arrow, 1925, syntype B A. pulchellus Arrow,1925, holotype C A. jucundus (Gorham, 1903), syntype, synonym of A. bifasciatus (Motschulsky, 1860) D Clerolanguria tricolor (Fabricius, 1787), syntype E Paederolanguria alternata (Zia, 1959), holotype F P. klapperichi Mader, 1955, holotype G Stenolanguria tricolor Fowler, 1885, syntype H S. robusta Villiers, 1958, holotype. Scale bar: 2 mm (A–D, H); 1 mm (E, F); 5 mm (G).

  Part of: Huang Z-Z, Yang X-K, Ge S-Q (2020) A new genus of Languriinae from Mexico (Coleoptera, Erotylidae), with comments on the potential mimic phenomenon of some languriines. ZooKeys 935: 93-101.