Amphicteis dalmatica (paratype, AM W.8230) A anterior body, dorsal view B anterior body, left lateral view C closer view of the anterior body, dorsal view D notopodium, segment 6 E peristomium and anteriormost segments, ventrolateral view F anteriormost segments, lateral view, arrows point to notopodial cirri G notochaetae, segment 6 H transition between thorax and abdomen, small arrows point to dorsal neuropodial cirri, large arrows point to notopodial cirri I abdominal neuropodium J abdominal notopodial cirrus K uncini, segment 8 L abdominal uncini. Numbers refer to segments; bII–V = branchiae, segments II–V, respectively; bt = buccal tentacles; ll = lower lip; P = prostomium; * = middle lobe of prostomium; Pe = peristomium; ul = upper lip.

  Part of: Wang W, Sui J, Li X, Hutchings P, Nogueira JMM (2020) A new species of the genus Amphicteis Grube, 1850 (Annelida, Ampharetidae) from the Yellow Sea, China, together with a redescription of A. dalmatica Hutchings & Rainer, 1979. ZooKeys 988: 1-15.