Sites of sympatric occurrence of Apis laboriosa and Apis dorsata in Arunachal Pradesh, India. All five localities (black dots) where we found A. laboriosa and A. dorsata foraging together were below 1500 m a.s.l. (1) West Kameng District, Nag Mandir, 27.203N, 92.561E, 1164 m a.s.l; (2) West Siang District, Tumbin, 28.456N, 94.684E, 356 m a.s.l; (3) Siang District, Modi, 28.487N, 95.087E, 534 m a.s.l; (4) Tirap District, Kala Pahar, 26.934N, 95.576E ,1470 m a.s.l; (5) Tutnyu, 26.962N, 95.631E, 1060 m a.s.l. Scale bar: 100 km.

  Part of: Kitnya N, Prabhudev MV, Bhatta CP, Pham TH, Nidup T, Megu K, Chakravorty J, Brockmann A, Otis GW (2020) Geographical distribution of the giant honey bee Apis laboriosa Smith, 1871 (Hymenoptera, Apidae). ZooKeys 951: 67-81.