Epigyne and habitus of Pimoa mainling sp. nov., female paratype and male holotype A epigyne, ventral view B schematic course of internal duct system, ventral view C vulva, dorsal view D schematic course of internal duct system, dorsal view E male habitus, dorsal view F female habitus, dorsal view G female habitus, ventral view. Abbreviations: CO = copulatory opening; DP = dorsal plate of the epigyne; FD = fertilization duct; S = spermatheca; VP = ventral plate of epigyne. Scale bars: equal for F and G.

  Part of: Zhang X, Lan T, Nie L, Li S (2020) Eight new species of the spider genus Pimoa (Araneae, Pimoidae) from Tibet, China. ZooKeys 940: 79-104. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.940.49793