Line drawings of the 532 CHCM-voucher of Xystretrum solidum from the urinary bladder of Sphoeroides testudineus A whole specimen (ventral view) B details of reproductive organs C details of genital atrium. Scale bars: 1000 µm (A); 250 µm (B–D).

  Part of: Martínez-Aquino A, García-Teh JG, Ceccarelli FS, Aguilar-Aguilar R, Vidal-Martinez VM, Leopoldina Aguirre-Macedo M (2020) New morphological and molecular data for Xystretrum solidum (Gorgoderidae, Gorgoderinae) from Sphoeroides testudineus (Tetraodontiformes, Tetraodontidae) in Mexican waters. ZooKeys 925: 141-161.