Morphological characters. 12–13 show the first metasomal tergite in dorsal view 12 first tergite without dorsopes 13 first tergite with a pair of dorsopes near the basal extreme (holes indicated by the arrows) 14–19 show the first metasomal tergite in ventral view; the portion’s structure pointing up is the anterior end. 14) Arrows indicate ventral borders of first tergite completely joined along ½ of segment 15 the arrow shows the distal extreme where the borders almost touch 16 arrows indicate the short section along which the ventral borders are touching 17 ventral borders widely separated 18 arrow on the top indicates the ventral borders basally separated, the arrow at the bottom shows them apically joined 19 the arrow signals the tergite’s apical portion where the ventral borders are either touching or fused.

  Part of: Aguirre H, de Almeida LP, Shaw SR, Sarmiento CE (2015) An illustrated key to Neotropical species of the genus Meteorus Haliday (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae). ZooKeys 489: 33-94.