Morphological characters. Arrows on 2–4 indicate the mandible’s teeth: 2 twisted mandibles, look very thin in frontal view and only the upper teeth is visible 3 moderately twisted mandibles, look thicker in frontal view, sometimes the lower teeth is visible 4 mandibles not twisted, are the thickest in frontal view and both upper and lower teeth are visible 5 the arrow indicates the complete occipital carina 6 the arrow points the area where the occipital carina becomes incomplete 7–8 show mesoscutum in dorsal view; the arrows are pointing the notauli 7 notauli deep, distinct and linear 8 notauli shallow, obsolescent and indistinct 9–11 display three conditions present in tarsal claws 9 simple 10 with a small lobe 11 with a large lobe.

  Part of: Aguirre H, de Almeida LP, Shaw SR, Sarmiento CE (2015) An illustrated key to Neotropical species of the genus Meteorus Haliday (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae). ZooKeys 489: 33-94.