Scutisotoma acorrelata 14, 16 appearance of adult female (14) and adult male in reproductive stage (16) (pigmentation not shown) 15 Ant.1–3 in adult male in reproductive stage, lateral view 17 macrosetae on Abd.IV in adult male of S. acorrelata 18 common arrangement of macrosetae on Abd.IV in Anurophorinae. Abbreviations: bms-basal micro s-seta, de-ductus ejaculatorius, s-s-seta, is, ls, os-inner, lateral, and outer s-setae of antennal organ, sp-spiny setae, vt-ventral trichobothrium, msp-male spurs, Md, Mdl, Mp, Ml-macrosetae of Abd.IV.

  Part of: Potapov M, Huang C-W, Gulgenova A, Luan Y-X (2020) New and little known Isotomidae (Collembola) from the shore of Lake Baikal and saline lakes of continental Asia. ZooKeys 935: 1-24.