Pseudanurophorus barathrum sp. nov. 6, 7 s-setae on body in one variant 8 PAO and Ant.1, lateral view 9 Ant.3 (only sockets shown for setae, additional s-setae on inner side of segment not shown), lateral view 10 apex of Ant.4 (pin-seta, organite, and subapical ms shown) 11 apical part of Leg 2. Abbreviations: bms-basal micro s-seta, sms-subapical micro s-seta, org-organite, pin-pin-seta, s-s-seta, ms-micro s-seta, PAO-postantennal organ, is, ls, os-inner, lateral, and outer s-setae of antennal organ.

  Part of: Potapov M, Huang C-W, Gulgenova A, Luan Y-X (2020) New and little known Isotomidae (Collembola) from the shore of Lake Baikal and saline lakes of continental Asia. ZooKeys 935: 1-24.