Parisotoma baicalica sp. nov. (44–50), (52–55) and P. reducta (51, 56) 44 s-, ms-setae, and macrosetae on body 45 macroseta of Abd.V 46 PAO and ocellus 47 Ant.1, lateral view (s and ms shown) 48, 49 postlabial setae, variation 50, 51 papilla E of labial palp, lateral view 52 papilla B, ventral view 53 mucro 54 ventral tube, lateral view 55 apical part of Leg 3 56, 57 posterior side of dens. Abbreviations: s-s-seta, ms-micro s-seta, bms-basal micro s-seta, l.p.–lateral processes, b.p.–basal processes, B, E-papillae of labium, int, ext-internal and external setae of posterior side of dens.

  Part of: Potapov M, Huang C-W, Gulgenova A, Luan Y-X (2020) New and little known Isotomidae (Collembola) from the shore of Lake Baikal and saline lakes of continental Asia. ZooKeys 935: 1-24.