Classification of Pontoscolex corethrurus individuals according to a Bayesian assignment algorithm implemented in NEWHYBRIDS (Anderson and Thompson 2002) to detect gene flow. Each unit represents an individual corresponding to parental lineages (Lineage A and Lineage B), F1 generation, F2 (F1 x F1) and later generation or introgressive hybrids B1 (Lineage A x F1) and B2 (e.g., Lineage B x F1).

  Part of: Ortíz-Gamino D, Gregorio J, Cunha L, Martínez-Romero E, Fragoso C, Ortíz-Ceballos ÁI (2020) Population genetics and diversity structure of an invasive earthworm in tropical and temperate pastures from Veracruz, Mexico. ZooKeys 941: 49-69.