Representative female and male tegmina and alae wing venation present in our molecularly identified Clade B (see Figure 2), which is present in the new species Phyllium gardabagusi sp. nov. and Phyllium nisus sp. nov. A Female tegmina illustrated here is a Phyllium nisus sp. nov. (Coll RC 17-107) B male tegmina and alae illustrated here is a Phyllium hausleithneri (Coll RC 16-087). Abbreviations used: C (costa); Sc (subcosta); R (radius); R1 (radius 1); Rs (radial sector); R–M (radius and medial crossvein); M (media); MA (media anterior); MP (media posterior); Cu (cubitus); CuA (cubitus anterior); CuP (cubitus posterior); Cu+1AA (cubitus and first anterior anal); 1A (first anal); 1AA–7AA (first through seventh anterior anal); 1PA–5PA (first through fifth posterior anal).

  Part of: Cumming RT, Bank S, Le Tirant S, Bradler S (2020) Notes on the leaf insects of the genus Phyllium of Sumatra and Java, Indonesia, including the description of two new species with purple coxae (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae). ZooKeys 913: 89-126.