Caeculus cassiopeiae sp. nov., female A–D dorsal view of legs I–IV E detail of solenidion ω on tarsus I. Scale bar: 0.5 mm (A–D). Abbreviations: ε, famulus; ζ, eupathidium; κ”, microseta; φ, tibial solenidion; ω, tarsal solenidion; bt, tarsal bothridial seta; d, dorsal; l’, anterolateral; l”, posterolateral; v’, anteroventral; v, ventral; v”, posteroventral.

  Part of: Bernard J, Lumley LM, Buck M, Cobb TP (2020) A new species of rake-legged mite, Caeculus cassiopeiae (Prostigmata, Caeculidae), from Canada and a systematic analysis of its genus. ZooKeys 926: 1-23.