Collection localities of Opisthotropis hungtai sp. nov. (1 the type locality, Heishiding Nature Reserve, Guangdong, China 2 Dawuling Forestry Station, Guangdong, China 3 Mt. Wuhuang, Guangxi, China), O. haihaensis (4 Shiwandashan Nature Reserve, Guangxi, China 5 the forest near Tai Chi Village, Quang Ninh, Vietnam) and O. maculosa (6 Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, Nong Khai, Thailand), respectively.

  Part of: Wang J, Lyu Z-T, Zeng Z-C, Lin C-Y, Yang J-H, Nguyen TQ, Le MD, Ziegler T, Wang Y-Y (2020) Re-examination of the Chinese record of Opisthotropis maculosa (Squamata, Natricidae), resulting in the first national record of O. haihaensis and description of a new species. ZooKeys 913: 141-159.