SEM images of Tonsilla subyanlingensis sp. nov., male holotype and female paratype A palp, prolateral view B same, ventral view C same, detail of conductors, ventral view D same, detail of embolus, ventral view E same, retrolateral view F same, detail of patellar apophysis, retrolateral tibial apophysis and lateral tibial apophysis, retrolateral view G same, detail of conductor dorsal apophysis, retrolateral view H epigyne, dorsal view I vulva, ventral view.

  Part of: Liu K-k, Luo H-p, Xu X, Chen Z, Xiao Y-h (2020) Description of two new species of Tonsilla Wang & Yin, 1992 with an updated key to species (Araneae, Agelenidae). ZooKeys 944: 31-46.