Southern Africa “Lacustricola” distribution maps. Spots correspond to the exact localities for the haplotypes included in this study, and the shaded area refers to the inferred distribution for each species. Map A yellow – “Lacustricola” hutereaui; grey – “L.” johnstoni; brown – “L.” myaposae; and purple – “L.” jubbi. Map B dark green – “L.” macrurus; orange – “L.” mediolateralis; red – “L.” katangae; light blue – “L.” centralis; blue – “L. ” aff. johnstoni ‘Okavango’; light green – “L. ” aff. johnstoni ‘Congo’.

  Part of: Bragança PHN, van Zeeventer RM, Bills R, Tweddle D, Chakona A (2020) Diversity of the southern Africa Lacustricola Myers, 1924 and redescription of Lacustricola johnstoni (Günther, 1894) and Lacustricola myaposae (Boulenger, 1908) (Cyprinodontiformes, Procatopodidae). ZooKeys 923: 91-113.