Adult Stamnodes. 1 Stamnodes fergusoni [HOLOTYPE], TX: Val Verde Co., Ranch Road 189 (30.1823°, -100.06°), 19 September 2018, J. Vargo coll., a dorsal view, b ventral view; 2 Stamnodes fervefactaria, Colorado: El Paso Co., ssw of Colorado Springs Hwy. #115 at mkr. #30.2 Los Pinos housing entry [38.5797, -104.9308], 6480ft, 14 August 2004, Chuck Harp coll., BOLD Process ID: LNAUW1876-17, Museum ID: USNM ENT 01343267, a dorsal view, b ventral view; 3 Stamnodes deceptiva, AZ: Cochise Co., Ash Canyon Rd Huachuca Mts., 5100ft, 3 August 1999, Douglas C. Ferguson coll., BOLD Process ID: LNAUS1646-13, Museum ID: USNM ENT 00808502 a dorsal view, b ventral view.

  Part of: Matson TA, Wagner DL (2020) A new Stamnodes from the southwestern United States (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Larentiinae). ZooKeys 923: 79-90.