Male genitalia of Didymocorypha spp., Disarticulated genital complex, ventral view. A D. lanceolata (Fabricius) B, C D. libaii sp. nov. Abbreviations: L4A = sclerite extending over the ventral wall of left phallomere; L4B = sclerite extending over the dorsal wall of left phallomere; R3 = anteriorly extending sclerite of right phallomere; afa = phalloid apophysis; fda = main posterior lobe of right phallomere; pia = process posterolateral to pva of right phallomere; pva = process anteromesal to pia of right phallomere; paa = posterior process of left phallomere; sdp = secondary distal process.

  Part of: Wu C, Liu C-X (2020) New record of Didymocorypha Wood-Mason (Mantodea, Eremiaphilidae) from China, with description of a new high-altitude wingless mantis species in Asia. ZooKeys 922: 51-64.