Map showing the distribution of the taxa of the Lissotriton vulgaris group that occur in Turkey. The inset shows the rough outlines of the ranges of lantzi (in green), kosswigi (in red) and schmidtleri (in blue). Type localities are marked with a black star. The blue hatched area reflects the unclear range of schmidtleri outside of Turkey (see discussion), with four confirmed records denoted with white dots. The green hatched area reflects the potential occurrence of lantzi in the extreme northeast of Turkey, with a black dot depicting the single historical record for Turkey (see discussion); question marks denote historical records in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The cut-out shows Turkish localities for kosswigi and schmidtleri as black dots. Localities supposedly showing intergradation between kosswigi and schmidtleri are marked with a white star. The arrow highlights a poorly documented locality attributed to kosswigi (see discussion). Details on Turkish localities are provided in Suppl. material 1.

  Part of: Wielstra B, Bozkurt E, Olgun K (2015) The distribution and taxonomy of Lissotriton newts in Turkey (Amphibia, Salamandridae). ZooKeys 484: 11-23.