Habitats of Ancyronyx clisteri sp. nov. (A) and A. sarawacensis (B, C) sampled during Taxon Expeditions: A Sibut Creek (tributary of Belalong River), Temburong, Brunei, microhabitat (piece of submerged wood from which A. clisteri sp. nov. was collected) B Belalong River near Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Temburong C Agatis River in the vicinity of Maliau Basin, Sabah, Malaysia. All photographs by Clister V. Pangantihon.

  Part of: Kodada J, Jäch MA, Freitag H, Čiamporová-Zaťovičová Z, Goffová K, Selnekovič D, Čiampor Jr F (2020) Ancyronyx clisteri, a new spider riffle beetle species from Borneo, redescription of A. sarawacensis Jäch including a description of the larva and new distribution data for A. procerus Jäch using DNA barcodes (Coleoptera, Elmidae). ZooKeys 912: 25-64. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.912.47796