Euepedanus dashdamirovi sp. nov., genitalia of male holotype 18 penis, lateral view 19 pars distalis of penis, ventral view (arrow indicates indented distal end) 20 same, lateral view 21 same, dorsal view 22 pars distalis of penis (everted), ventral view 23 same, dorsal view 24–25 same, lateral view. Abbreviations: CE capsula externa CI capsula interna DL dorsal lobe G glans Pb pars basalis Pd pars distalis S stylus VP ventral plate VL ventral lobe. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (18), 0.25 mm (19–25).

  Part of: Zhang C, Martens J (2020) A taxonomic study on Epedanidae from Thailand including functional aspects of male genital morphology (Opiliones, Laniatores). ZooKeys 915: 25-58.