Cranial remains of the crocodyliform Elosuchus. A, C E. cherifiensis cranium (MNHN SAM 129) in dorsal and ventral views B E. cherifiensis (MNHN SAM 129) with posterior skull roof (NMC 41912) and anterior snout section (FSAC-KK 10) superimposed, D E. cherifiensis premaxilla (MNHN SAM 129), drawing in ventral view E E. cherifiensis premaxilla FSAC-KK 10 F E. cherifiensis occipital piece (MNHN-MRS 340-25) G E. cherifiensis lower jaw reconstructed from several specimens (MNHN-E 43, SAM 138, SAM 137-157; redrawn from Lapparent de Broin 2002) H E. cherifiensis anterior dentary symphysis (MNHN E 43) in dorsal view I Partial dentary symphysis (MNHN-INA 25). Abbreviations: bo basioccipital, d dentary, ex, exoccipital j jugal m maxilla pm premaxilla pt pterygoid sym symphysis. Scale bars equal 10 cm in A-C and E-G, 20 cm in H.

  Part of: Ibrahim N, Sereno PC, Varricchio DJ, Martill DM, Dutheil DB, Unwin DM, Baidder L, Larsson HCE, Zouhri S, Kaoukaya A (2020) Geology and paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous Kem Kem Group of eastern Morocco. ZooKeys 928: 1-216.