Selected isolated remains of the sclerorhynchid Onchopristis numidus. Rostral fragment with the bases of two rostral teeth in place (NMC 41876) in (A) ?dorsal, (B) ?ventral and (C) lateral view. Section of a large rostrum (FSAC-KK 937) in (D) dorsal, (E) ventral, (F) anterior and (G) posterior views H Small section of rostrum (NMC 50397) I Isolated rostral tooth J Placoid scale (MNHN-MRS 72) D and H reconstructed to show the approximate shape of the rostral blade. Scale bars equal 5 cm in A-H, 2 cm in I and J.

  Part of: Ibrahim N, Sereno PC, Varricchio DJ, Martill DM, Dutheil DB, Unwin DM, Baidder L, Larsson HCE, Zouhri S, Kaoukaya A (2020) Geology and paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous Kem Kem Group of eastern Morocco. ZooKeys 928: 1-216.