Dentary fragments of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus from the Kem Kem Group. Dentary section (MPDM 30) in (A) lateral and (B) ?anterior view. Dentary fragment (MNHN-MRS 1513) in (C) lateral and (D) dorsal view. Left dentary fragment with tooth (MSNM V6865) in (E) lateral view. Dentary fragment (MPDM 31, associated with Onchopristis rostral tooth) in (F) dorsal view. Scale bar equals 10 cm. Abbreviations: f foramen rt rostral tooth.

  Part of: Ibrahim N, Sereno PC, Varricchio DJ, Martill DM, Dutheil DB, Unwin DM, Baidder L, Larsson HCE, Zouhri S, Kaoukaya A (2020) Geology and paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous Kem Kem Group of eastern Morocco. ZooKeys 928: 1-216.